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Whole House Audio Systems

The enjoyment of cooking or taking a shower with Hi-Fi speakers playing music overhead or in the background is a wonderful experience. With the latest in streaming technology and the best designed in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, you can achieve audio bliss throughout your whole living space. 

We have both kitchen and shower setups in one of our homes, which is available for demo by appointment only if you want to experience the wonder of what a whole house system can bring you. In our opinion, these experiences, as they impact the vast majority of the day, will be the greatest improvement, the most life changing of any audio upgrade you can make. 
Specific to Bathroom installations, ultra quiet moisture venting is critical. What good would it be to have spectacular sounding music while you shower if your bathroom vent sounds like the F Train is making a local stop?! Would you really want your newly installed in-ceiling speakers to take a steam bath while you lather up?! And where are you going to hide the streaming equipment in your 8x6 space?? We’ve thought all this through and we’ve got you covered. 

Whether it’s kitchen, bathroom, or a whole house installation, the importance of design, including precise location and the running of cables, cannot be overstated. Mistakes in this type of system are not only unacceptable but irreversible. There is no margin for error. We will get it right. 100% guaranteed.

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