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Stereo / 2-Channel Audio Systems

We put the music first. Regardless of your budget, great sound is achievable. 
Like good food or an award winning movie, a stereo system shines when all components work together.  Like a great chef (think Gordon Ramsey or Tyler Florence) or extraordinary film director (think Steven Spielberg or Peter Jackson), we strive to create what other dealers will not. Again, this is because our philosophy is to make the music first. Sure, we want to sell. Yes, we are looking for customers. So does Ramsey and Speilberg.  But just like those amazing chefs and film directors, we want you to experience something great, something magnificent, something they are proud of and that will leave you not just satisfied but thrilled. 

Our advice to you will be no different than the choices we would make for ourselves. 
Bringing the food analogy back, ingredients may be spectacular or they may be common and rather mundane. But expensive ingredients in and of themselves don’t always make great cuisine, and many times they are outright disgusting. The reverse can also be true with common ingredients. Knowing how to bring out the best of the ingredients, knowing what works together is the key. You may already have some ingredients you love - a favorite Amp or a pair of Speakers that you connect with. Fantastic! It is our mission to bring out the best they could offer. Seasoning the food, if you will.  
Unlike some dealers who create unrealistic sound rooms, we have real world demo rooms. These rooms are living situations just like yours, so you can hear what the music will actually sound like in your home. Listening rooms are available by appointment only, so please call us to schedule a time for a demonstration. 

You are welcome and encouraged to bring a piece of your favorite equipment to one of our listening rooms to hear how it synergizes (or doesn’t!) with other components. Conversely, there are some opportunities for us to bring a component to your house to incorporate it into your current system (for a small fee that can be credited towards that item or any other item we have for sale), creating a true A/B comparison in your unique environment.
We will take time to hear about your room and your current system to see how best to help you make a worthwhile upgrade. Please call us to get a free consultation where we will work with you to get you a system that can be enjoyed for a very long time! The more info you provide us, the better we can help guide you… So a list of your equipment, along with room dimensions will be appreciated. 
With every speaker purchase ($10,000 or more), we offer free delivery & professional speaker setup within a 5-hour driving distance. 

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